Junior and young adults Coaching (advanced level) 7-8.15pm

2 courts
(Bank Holiday Mondays) Club Mix-in Session or Fun mixed Tournaments 2.00pm – 5pm All courts
TUESDAY Junior Coaching 4pm – 5pm 1 court
WEDNESDAY Club Mix-in Session 6.30 -9pm All Courts
THURSDAY Junior Coaching 4.30pm – 6.30pm 2 courts
FRIDAY Beginners session 11-12pm With Joe (2 courts)
SATURDAY Club Mix-in Session 2pm – 5pm
(1.30pm start in winter)
All courts
SUNDAY Surrey League Matches 10-2pm 2 Courts (1&4)
  • The above activities have priority use of courts at the times stated.
  • Individual coaching to be arranged and courts booked through our Club Coach, Joe Barnes.
  • Court Availability can be checked and booked by members on-line through the Booker App one week in advance.
  • Play and Play can be booked Mon – Thurs 9-3pm , Fri 9am-12.30pm, Saturdays 5pm until 10pm, Sundays 2 – 10pm)
Phone: 020 8642 3019
50 Holland Avenue, SM2 6HU