AGM Update

Dear Member,

You should have received information about the AGM through the post, but as you might expect, we will need to postpone it until the current restrictions are lifted. We will of course let you know when the AGM is to be held.

In the meantime, subscriptions are due; you will find the schedule on the renewal form in the AGM pack. As the Club is closed, could you please pay by bank transfer (details on the renewal form). We hope shortly also to have the facility to pay by credit card, and will advise you when this is available.

Unfortunately we do not know for how long the club will remain closed. In order to compensate members for this, whilst we will maintain subscriptions for the current year 2020/21, in 2021 we will reduce the renewal subscription according to how long we have been closed. For example, if we re-open, at the beginning of July, we will have been closed for three months, so those who renew their subscription now will in 2021 pay only 9/12th of the subscription for the following year (2021/22).

Stay safe


Phone: 020 8642 3019
50 Holland Avenue, SM2 6HU